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Why locate your business or family in the Village of Paw Paw?
The Village of Paw Paw has...

  • Over 6,000 households within a 10 minute drive
  • Over 50,000 households within a 20 minute drive
  • Over 114,000 households within a 30 minute drive
  • Grant and loan opportunities available for retail, service, financial, medical and industrial businesses, whether new or existing (see below)
  • Been hardwired with fiber optic for hi-speed voice, video and data communication
  • Great Interstate access; I-94, exit 60, a heavily traveled route between Detroit and Chicago
  • Excellent roadway routes; M-40 runs N & S and Red Arrow Highway (Michigan Avenue in the Village) runs E & W
  • Great schools, both public and parochial
  • Maple Lake in the heart of the Village
  • An excellent hospital (Bronson Lakeview) and medical services
  • Excellent supportive and progressive community where small town values, community spirit, and volunteerism is strong
  • Excellent community festivals and events such as: Wine and Harvest Festival (60+ years and drawing 30,000+); Van Buren County’s grandest Christmas in the Village and Parade (30th annual event in 2008); Summer Concerts on the Lake; Summer Lunch-time programs in the downtown park; the Spring Fling, the Fall Extravaganza; Paw Paw Days; Annual International Drum and Bugle Review; and more.
Support for your Business:

  • Whether service, financial, medical, retail, or manufacturing - grant and loan opportunities exist; just for the asking!
  • The Village of Paw Paw Downtown Development Authority has grant funding available for repair and restoration, painting and facade renovation up to $15,000. The DDA can also loan up to $15,000 for real or personal property as well as working capital.
  • The Revolving Loan Fund can lend up to $200,000 to assist existing businesses as well as new businesses locating in the Village of Paw Paw.
  • These grants and loans could be used along with funds from the Van Buren County Economic Development Committee and programs through the State of Michigan.
Contacts and Information
More information on the Village of Paw Paw is available by contacting the Village Manager's office (Larry Nielsen at 269-657-3148 or Larry@uncorkpawpaw.com).

Lots of Community information can be found online at www.pawpaw.net

Demographic data can be found at: Deomgraphic Data

Economic information and data can be found at: Economic Information

You can make it here!
Join us in Paw Paw, where business is booming!