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Exterior Improvements. The DDA may provide up to 1/2 of the funding for this type of project that may include work for the facade such as painting, door and window repair or replacement, replacement of siding, roof work, brick replacement, etc. Projects must be approved by the Design and Presentation Committee for conformity with any approved design criteria and overall consistency with the character of the District. Maximum funding from the DDA, per project, would be $1,500. over a two year period. DDA's Fiscal Year runs March 1st - February 28th.

Façade Renovation and Restoration. Façade restoration projects may include work such as painting, window repair, replacement of siding, minor tuck pointing, brick replacement, etc. Upon approval from the Design and Presentation Committee, the DDA may loan up to 75% to a property or business owner for a project in excess of $10,000. The DDA loan amount will not exceed $10,000. Terms of the loan will be set to provide an incentive to the property or business owner and typical terms shall provide for an interest rate of 3%, with a 7 year amortization period. At the discretion of the Design and Presentation Committee, purchase of materials or services from a business within the District qualifies the applicant for additional consideration in the terms of the loan; such as increasing the amortization period. Application must be submitted for approval within 90 days of commencement and work must be completed within 6 months of application.

Demolition. A property owner may request grant funds from the DDA for demolition. The request is made in narrative format detailing the reason for the demolition, cost of the project, what the final area will look like or what will be built in the cleared space. Requests will be reviewed on the basis of the community benefit of the project (safety, beautification, clearing for new construction, etc.) Any funds granted apply to the $15,000 maximum amount per parcel (see below).

For all Programs...

These programs are contingent upon availability of budgeted funds and will be awarded on a first come first served basis.

The Downtown Development Authority reserves the right to revise or end these programs at any time and in no way guaranties availability of funding for any specific project or at any given time.

The maximum grant and loan for any one parcel is $15,000 within a 5-year time frame with the exception of change of ownership.

Separate Applications Required...

You may apply for all types of programs but you will need to submit a different application for each type of program for which you seek funding. There is an application for: Paint and Labor, Interior Improvements, Exterior Improvements, Exterior Façade Renovation and Restoration, and Demolition grants and loans. You will need to separate supporting documents for each application. This may mean you copy and code receipts for each application. Applications for each are on the next five pages.

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The DDA thanks you for your interest in staying and growing in the Village of Paw Paw.

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